domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

Gracias desde Japón

Dear Friend Cartoonists,

Thank you very much for participating to our "Cartooning for Japan Exposition".

I've received about 300 cartoons of 76 cartoonists from 33 countries.
Our act was warmly accepted by Japanese people.
I cooperated with 3 NPO.
First we made publicity at Hirsaki University.
4 news papers and one TV reported our action.
We opened the exposition in a gallery of a department store in Hirosaki (my town in north Japan). With my friend prof.Vic Carpenter, we held a talk show in the gallery on the 4th July. Some 40 people participated Our myer also came to our gallery . After the talk show we call the audience a donation.
We are thinking to hold exposition in Sendai (Tsunami attacked city) and at Tokyo, hoping to show the cartoons to states men and stuff of Toden (electric company).

I attach some photos and the article published on Asahishimbun to 2 mails.

I thank you very much on behalf of Japanese people.


Ps1. Please tell me the mail address of Chaunu, if you know.

PS.2We made our homepage.
The address is following:

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